Easy Steps to a Perfectly Flawless Pout

Perfecting a flawless lip is more than just applying lip color. I see woman everyday wearing lipstick with little crusties stuck to their mouth. Sometimes if lipstick isn’t worn correctly it can actually make you look less attractive and highlight all your mouth imperfections. The Secret to flawless lips… preparation:

  1. Make sure you have no upper lip hair. Either buy a cream depilatory, bleach, wax, threading kit, anything to remove the hair that won’t irritate your skin. Get it done if your too scared to do it yourself but this is a must. There is nothing attractive about having noticeable upper lip hair on a perfect pout.
  2. Exfoliation: Make sure you exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week. To make a lip scrub mix some granulated white sugar with olive oil and scrub in a circular motion till you buff away all the dead skin. Do this at night to prep lips for the morning.
  3. Before you go to sleep apply a hydrating lip balm to keep that pout looking smooth. Opt for an organic/natural lip balm with lots of moisture if possible.
  4. In the AM, before you apply your lip color take a foundation wedge and gently pat your lips with a thin layer of your liquid foundation. This is a perfect neutral base to help adhere the color to you lips better.
  5. After the foundation dries, lightly dust with a face powder or setting powder- then outline your lips with lip liner in short strokes to define “your perfect pout” focus on your cupid’s bow and make sure to use a liner color the same shade as your lip color. Then fill in your entire lips with the liner.
  6. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. It helps deliver the color precisely and more evenly. Start at the outer corners and work you way in.
  7. After color is applied, blot lips with a coffee filter. Using a tissue can leave little fibers on your newly slicked pout.
  8. Stick your index finger in your mouth and twist your finger around. If there is anything worse than having crusty lips its having bits of lipstick on your teeth.
  9. Line the lips one more time with liner just to add definition.
  10. Finish off by applying a gloss or leave it alone if you like the matte look. Add a dab of sparkly white eyeshadow to the bottom center of your lip to make it appear fuller.

Now that you have finished these steps you are ready to face the world with your perfectly defined pout.

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2 Responses to Easy Steps to a Perfectly Flawless Pout

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  2. You may have opened my eyes today with this thanks

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