Organic Cosmetics Vs. the Main Stream

The beauty industry has come a long way. With new products constantly on the market everyday who says you need to sacrifice your health for beauty? About 3 years ago I started to create my own make up line. Being a make up fanatic from the age of 5 I knew beauty products like it was my job. At one point my bathroom counter top, bedroom shelves and shower catty was filled with more products than the store shelves. It was inevitable that one day I would have a cosmetic line to call my own.

I knew exactly what I wanted. Something edgy, punk inspired, goth mystique, kinda trashy but classy and of course super sexy. I always had a thing for band guys in eyeliner so I knew the direction I was going in. I started researching different cosmetic manufacturers and like most start up entrepreneurs we have a hell lot of questions to ask. But one question that stood out the most was… What are these ingredients and how will it effect my clients? This question was my break out moment that forever changed the way I viewed the beauty industry.

When I started Johnny Concert glamour, I knew I wanted make up that was Organic, natural, free of synthetic dyes, chemicals,  preservatives, parabens, AND of course Cruelty Free. I found that just about all the cosmetics you see whether it be at a fancy schmancy department store or local pharmacy have cosmetics loaded with tons of chemicals that are linked to health hazards, birth defects and even cancers.

So what can we do to protect ourselves? READ THE INGREDIENTS. Even if a products says its natural and organic chances are its not and just a gimmick to get you to spend your hard earned $$$. If you can not pronounce the ingredients in the products then most likely its not natural. If its not something you wouldn’t mind eating, then its not natural. Keep in mind your skin is a 2 way barrier and what you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your blood stream and circulates all throughout your body.

Thanks to websites like the Environmental Working Group and Database for Safe Cosmetics, we now have a place to research beauty products to see the hazard rate (rated on a scale from 1 – 10) and the possible long term effects it can have on us.

Most of the best natural beauty products can be found in your very own kitchen and not cost you anything.  I will save this for another post. But for now  I hope this helps you to make wiser and safer decisions the next time you shop for cosmetics.

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