Emo Straight Hair

There is something so alluring and captivating the way emo kids style their hair.  Could it be the transition of cotton candy pink to deepest darkest blue to seafoam greens to magenta?  Usually emo hair is styled asymmetrically, partly teased but always stick straight. Whether it be a jet black to vibrant rainbow hues, the effort that goes into their hair always looks like a fabulous work of art.

Key Tips for Perfect Emo Hair
Keeping hair as healthy as possible is a must. Usually emo hair is dyed often and needs a heavy duty deep conditioner along with the proper styling tools. I have listed some of the best products I have ever used on my hair below.

Eufora is a exclusive hair care product line providing performance that is also healthful and kind to our environment. Their holistic approach towards beauty is an aloe plant that serves as the base for all shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. The aloe’s active substances promote cellular healing, renewal and growth. All scents that are added to the formula are extracted from essential oils of plants and flowers. They have everything from volumizing shampoo, leave in conditioner to natural waxes and polishing drops.

UV Shield Eco Friendly mop* modern organic products* makes the best and firmest holding hair spray ever. This Anti-oxidant based hair spray is infused with natural fragrance oils, has a UV shield for colour protection, uses an eco friendly propellant and has a firm and lasting hold. This is by far the perfect spray for setting and holding teased hair.

My secret weapon for healthy straight locks is The Babyliss titanium pro flatiron. This iron is retailed for around $100 but is definitely worth the purchase. It heats up to 450 degrees in about 45 seconds. It has super smooth polished plates that are much larger than standard irons and glide over hair perfecting each strand without snagging or damaging hair. Unlike other irons this one is built to last. I’ve had mind for 2 years and it still works like its brand new. I have sold all my friends on this iron and they swear by it. Hair extensions are a must for girls when trying to achieve length for emo locks. Since I am an all natural beautist I rarely dye my hair.  So when I want to achieve longer or colorful locks I use 100% human hair extensions. I love these because I can style them how ever I like. This is a photo of me with my hair extensions clipped in, I get my hair extensions from Sally’s Beauty Supply stores but any wig shop or beauty store like Ricky’s should have them too. Try to opt for the human hair kind since they last much longer and can be washed and styled. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair extensions. Stores have all different kinds so its important to find the ones that suit you best. I just would start out with the clip in ones since they can always be easily removed and changed according to your look.

What are some of your all natural amazing haircare secrets or eco-friendly products you can not live without?

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