Stormy Photoshoot Magic

I just updated the flash on my website from a really great shoot I did last month for Johnny Concert. I worked with a bunch of my friends who are all in the industry and we created some awesome images.

The day started off by shooting in a Reservation in Northern New Jersey and it lightning, thundered, poured rain the whole works. We sat in my car while Irene Kim (professional MUA and Beauty Blogger) applied make up to the models. The photographer’s Ryan Jones and Jeremy Wood wanted to set up the equipment but the rain was coming down so hard we couldn’t do much and didn’t think we would be able to shoot that day. Thankfully about 45 minutes later the clouds let up a little rain slowed down and we were able to shoot much later than we planned for.

I feel very fortunate to have such talented friends who are models, professional MUA’s and Photographers. Please check out their portfolios to view more of their fabulous work.

**Irene Kim (Make up Artist):
**Jeremy Wood (Photographer):
**Ryan Jones (Photographer):

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