Meet your Meat

On July 27th, The People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged what appeared to look like packaged meat campaign in Times Square. The animal rights activists laid bloody and naked on trays covered with cellophane with an over sized produce sticker warning “Billions of Animals Are Abused and Violently Killed Because You Eat Meat.”

PETA always comes out with the most shocking campaigns but in all fairness I think we need to be reminded about the cruelty to animals that occur in slaughter houses. I will spare uploading video’s because some of them were just to painful and graphic to watch.

Becoming a vegetarian not only helps save the lives of billions of brutally beaten and abused animals but it’s also healthier and can help you lose weight. has tons of healthy and delicious recipes and alternatives to the meat you love to eat.

Please visit to help stop slaughterhouse cruelty and make a healthier adjustment to your everyday life.

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One Response to Meet your Meat

  1. Angela Giovanetti says:

    Just a tad bit disturbing……so, yeah.

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