Rockstar Inspired Looks

AFI emo rocker Davey Havok is one of the most glamorous musicians to ever set foot in the industry. His constant all eyes on him attention is well deserved with his over the top damned to be glammed attitude and explosive musical talent.

To create a look just like Davey’s prime eyes with a primer or foundation. Gently pat Johnny Concert Mineral Eye Pigment in Love Machine Robot generously on the lids of the eyes and crease. Highlight the brow bone with Blow and dab some in the inner corner of the eyes. Line the upper and lower lashes with Johnny Concert organic eyeliner in a soft black shimmer color like Romantica and also use the eyeliner pencil to fill in your eyebrows. Apply false eyelashes with an eyelash adhesive. After lashes are set in place, dip an eyeliner brush in water and mix with Static Mineral Eye Pigment to create a sparkly metallic liquid eyeliner paint and line the upper lashes.  Apply tiny rhinestones to the inner corner, bottom center and outer corner of the eye using an eyelash adhesive  and tweezers to stick it in place. Finish off by sweeping the cheeks with a soft neutral blush like Dominatrixxx.
click here to view more of our Johnny Concert rockstar inspired looks.

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