Kitchen Beauty Secrets Revealed

When I made the transition to Go Green and use natural, organic and vegan products, I was still shocked to find that “Natural” and “Organic” brands used it as a gimmick rather than make true Green and natural products. What’s a girl to do? Turn to her kitchen cabinet. I decided to find my own beauty substitutes and to my knowledge, they actually ended up working better than any product I’ve ever purchased while saving me a ton of cash. Being a girl on the go, I thought I’d share some of my super quick and easy beauty secrets that don’t require much (if any) mixing and can be found right in your very own kitchen.

baking sodaSkin: I have combination skin which is dry cheeks and very oily T-zone which can sometimes leads to the occasional pimple party on my face. What I did to cure this problem? Good ole fashion Baking Soda!! When I wash my face I sprinkle some baking soda with a few drops of water to make a creamy paste and this makes a gentle exfoliating scrub! Its non abrasive like most over the counter scrubs and works wonders drying out those little bad boys and smoothing out the skin–it’s also great at clearing up bacne (eww gross, I know) in the summer. Sprinkle some baking soda on your  wash cloth in the shower and scrub the infected area.  Since Baking soda can be a little drying especially for those with sensitive skin (use 2-3 times a week instead), this leads me to my favorite moisturizer…

Moisturizer: Flaxseed oil! Pure Flaxeed oil is a non-sticky fast absorbing oil, infused with healthy omegas, that the skin just loves to drink up. What I do is I buy a bottle of Organic flaxseed oil from my local grocery store that has already been extracted (so I don’t have to waste my time poking open pesky little pills) and instead, I keep the safety seal on and poke a hole in the safety seal (because this stuff can come out quick)! I use it all over my body Head-to-Toe. Even a little at the tips of my hair to repair split dry ends. I have to say it doesn’t smell that great but it certainly works wonders. Everyone who I have suggested switching to flaxseed oil hasn’t stopped raving to me how much their skin just glows even under their makeup! Olive Oil works great too!

BEST TONER: Professional make up artist, dear friend and Beauty Guru Irene Kim shared with me a natural beauty tip that is one of the best I’ve ever used.  After washing your face cut up a fresh lemon and take the inside of a lemon peel and wipe it all over your face. The inside of the lemon peel exfoliates, hydrates, tightens pores, softens skin, and creates a vibrant glow delivering the best skin results I’ve ever come across (keep away from eyes, lemon in the eye will sting).

sugar in the rawBody scrub: When I need a good pick me up, an all over body and lip scrub usually does the trick. I use Sweet Almond Oil and mix it with Sugar in the Raw. I like using Sugar in the Raw because it’s all natural, non-processed sugar cane and makes a wonderful sturdy scrub. The mixture should be half sugar and half oil depending on how much you need (make fresh every time you use it). Mix it in a plastic tub that’s easy to scoop out and apply.

Tip: For some bonus aroma therapy add a few drops of your favorite essential oils!

Nails: For weak and brittle nails I break open a capsule of Vitamin E and rub it on my nails and nail beds before I go to sleep. It is very greasy and a bit sticky which I why I do it right before bed. When I wake up my nails are very hard and moisturized and don’t need to fuss with using stinky formaldehyde ridden

Hair: When hair needs a VA-VA VOOM body boost I take a can of beer in the shower with me and do a beer rinse after I shampoo massaging the beer mostly at the scalp. Something about the brewers yeast makes hair so silky, super shiny and full of body. It doesn’t effect color treated hair either and just adds a beautiful boost of volume and shine! To finish off add a small amount of condition to help get the comb through it and a final rinse with cold water!

SAFETY NOTE: DO NOT bring glass bottles in the shower with you! If you do not have canned beer pour the beer into a plastic cup prior to the shower. Glass + Shower = Disaster!

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4 Responses to Kitchen Beauty Secrets Revealed

  1. Toxic Beauty says:

    Woo hooo Joanna! These are fabulous tips for homemade at home beauty. I love almond oil and combining it with sugar is such an easy way to exfoliate the skin. I do a similiar recipe for lip scrub: olive oil, sugar, and honey. So simple!

  2. Toxic Beauty says:

    I had to share this on Facebook!

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