Recyclable Fashion – When Your Wardrobe Goes Green!

In a day in age where everyone focuses on the efforts of going green we tend to think of going green more as of how we treat the planet- perhaps using less water, saving electricity, walking or riding a bike instead of using cars. But what about when it comes to our fashion? Now a lot of  brands are coming out with organic cotton or bamboo clothing which is “green” but there are plenty of other ways to participate in green fashion with out having to spend money on pricey organic fabrics.

Thrift Stores are wonderful!

Have you ever set foot in a thrift store? When we tend to think of thrift stores we think of dirty used clothes that someone didn’t want so they gave it away but not all thrift stores are like that. Actually thrift stores/vintage shops are pretty selective about what they put back on the racks and make sure they are in very good condition, not to mention some of my favorite one of a kind treasure finds came from them. There are also trendy thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange that sell barely worn designer clothes and indie fashions for cheap cheap cheap! To my surprise my first time there I found a gorgeous Marc Jacobs wallet for $40, a Michael Kors Dress for $24, and a brand new H&M dress for $11 (originally $50 because it still had the price tag attached).

Tips for thrift store shopping:

  1. Wear a tight tank top and a loose-fitting long skirt preferably with an elastic waist band because not all of them have a fitting room. You can try on pants under your skirt and shirts over your tank top right out in the open and no one will get a free show.
  2. Take your time. Since these are one-of-a-kind fashions there is a lot to go through. Lots of really good clothes take a lot of searching. Give things a double take and don’t be a afraid to experiment with new fabrics or patterns. You just never know how fabulous something can look on you.
  3. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Sometimes we get wrapped up that if things are cheap we should buy it but if it doesn’t fit right there is no point on spending a few $’s unless you are a true fashionista and going to redesign it to your liking.
  4. Why not clean out your closet? Some thrift stores will buy your gently worn clothes off of you. If you have things in your closet with the intention of never wearing them again why hold on to them? You can make room for your new finds and make someone really happy when they see what is considered your junk their treasure.
  5. Bring your own ‘recyclable’ shopping bags with you. No need to use extra plastic bags to carry your stuff home just to be thrown in the trash. Try investing in a reusable shopping bag that you can bring with you while saving the planet!

Be Your Own Fashion Designer!

Remember that old shirt from the 90’s you swear you’d never wear again. Well guess what honey? History repeats its self. We tend to forget that things go out of style pretty quickly but some how always come right back.

Give your stuff a make over! Maybe you have that pair of jeans that is torn but still just fits so perfectly. I did. My favorite pair of jeans in college I accidentally spilled bleach on while doing laundry. Lets just say my heart sunk. But because of DIY fashion I was able to transform the jeans and give them a whole new make over just using more bleach and a cheese grater. They are still my favorite pair 4 years later, have character, and I saved them by doing it all myself.

Tips for DIY fashion

  1. Go to your local craft store and find some cool things to adorn your old clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, headbands, etc.
  2. Find things you have around your house. Bleach, scissors, cheese grater, food dye, maybe even something from another article of clothing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also be extremely careful with any harsh chemical you have lying around.
  3. Look for things such as lace, rhinestones, feathers, studs, safety pins, patches, beads, old jewelery, brooches, etc. You’ll be amazed at what you can do by turning your plain jane t-shirt into a one of a kind gem.
  4. Before you cut, glue, sew, etc play around with where you would like to place everything. Try adding and taking things away, play around with different angles. It’s always better to start with a rough draft before creating the masterpiece.
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