The Green Beauty Diet

Today was a very sad yet liberating day for me. After many years of establishing a well endowed collection of my favorite passion and guilty pleasures, I had to suck it up, step up and clean out my makeup drawer. For so many years I have collected tons of makeup, lotions, products and more. I have stopped using a lot of these products after educating myself on natural cosmetics but I still held on to them mostly because of the adorable packaging that was hard to part with.

2 years ago before I stared Johnny Concert, I was doing all kinds of research about the ingredients that are in cosmetics. Little did I know the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) had very little control over the regulations in the products we slather on our skin and hair every single day. To my horror, all the ingredients that were listed as hazardous, carcinogenic, and harmful to our health were the exact same ingredients listed in the very body lotions, face creams, eyeshadow, bronzers, lipsticks, blushes, face powders, etc that were sitting on my dresser. That’s when I decided to go on the best diet of my life… The Green Beauty Diet. I call it the Green Beauty Diet because essentially the way you look at it is well like a diet. Your  cutting out all the bad and harmful things you once use to consume and replacing it with healthier alternatives. To my surprise it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The more I looked into it the more I was able to be a much savvier shopper. I began using organic soaps and oils, baking soda as face wash (a box cost around .89 cents), Natural shampoo and started saving so much money since I wasn’t buying and trying a new beauty product being that the ingredients worried me. So here I am with a cleaner counter, beauty products that deliver better results and a much cleaner beauty atmosphere. Although I was little sad to say sayonara to my makeup that I have held on to for all these years I am happy to be rid of the cosmetic clutter and welcome new and healthier cosmetics to my Green Beauty Diet.

These are photos from my cosmetic clutter. I still wanted to have a memory.

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One Response to The Green Beauty Diet

  1. Rosana says:


    I used one of your “messy makeup bag” pictures to illustrate an article on my blog ( and I of course gave you credit and linked to this blog entry. My article deals with a related topic – namely what to consider before spending money on cosmetics in order to avoid clutter – and your article was an inspiration for me.

    I just felt that, apart from giving you credit, I might as well ask for your permission personally. If you don’t feel comfortable with my blog featuring your picture, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will remove it immediately.

    Thank you very much and keep up with this great blog.


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