Spring-La-La Photoshoot

Here at Johnny Concert we have been crazy busy getting ready to launch new products. Last weekend I got together with my friends Irene Kim and Jen Valent to do a Johnny Concert photoshoot. We were on some creative spiral streak and Jen was a good sport for putting up with doing all these crazy things. Irene is a professional makeup artist/stylist and has done various work for Self Magazine, NYC Fashion Week and was the key makeup artist for Manuel De La Cruz and backstage for Bess and Rubin Singer. I took a break to exercise my artistic skills as photographer. Here is a little sneak peek of some of the behind the scene footage from our photoshoot. The final photos will be posted on our facebook page soon! 🙂

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2 Responses to Spring-La-La Photoshoot

  1. Jen Valent says:

    Had a great time working with you and Irene! Can’t wait to see the final shots ❤

  2. iRene kim says:

    jenn was DEFINITELY a good sport (and an awesome model!)
    haha… all that putting on, taking off, rubbing, dabbing, spraying, and all of our bossing around ~ she was definitely a tropper! 😉
    Thanks for an awesome shoot ladies~ u two are awesome! xoxo~*

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