2011 Makeup Trends

Bold Color

Bright, bold color is in for 2011. Whether it is on the eyes, or the lips, it’s very clear that strong colors are very in vogue– however, keep the shades monochromatic, and stay in the same color family, regardless of where you put your color. When using bold color, only one feature should be emphasized. For the lips, the hottest colors are bright corals, and bright pinks. At the  Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S ‘11 fashion show, the ideal shade of coral was painted all over the lips of models. Coral is a great bold color, because it’s bright enough to warm the skin, but it isn’t quite as intense as a classic red lip. Coral could be considered the red lip’s younger, flirtier sister. Another color that has been made extremely popular is bright pink, due to the popularity of recording artist Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj’s signature color is a bright, cotton candy pink could just as easily transfer from lips to eyes. Regarding eye color, most fashion shows have used pops of color on lids, usually using only one color, or using a bright color as eyeliner, streamlining the eye, and creating shape. At Dior S/S ‘11, they utilized a number of different colors varying from robin’s egg blue, to bright red, to fuchsia, to green. Application of bold color usually stays in the same family, and must be applied on clean skin in order to have the strongest effect that it can.

Vamp Makeup (All-Over)

In the past, makeup trends have steered towards accentuating one facial feature (put strong color either on the eyes, lips, or cheeks) in order to prevent from going ‘overkill.’ However, in 2011– it’s become perfectly acceptable to use color all-over the face without having it look “too strong,” as long as it looks “vampy.” This look has been seen on the runway, and flaunted off the runway by various celebrities. As evidenced by Gwen Stefani, who is sporting a glittery, metallic smokey eye, her signature classic red pout, and flushed cheeks, it clearly works as a more “glam” look. The models at Marc Jacobs S/S ‘11  fashion show rocked a darker shade of lipstick, but with more intense fuchsia cheeks, and a smokier, matte eye. If you want to rock the all-over color, just remember that because of the intensity of the eyes and the lips, it’s probably best to rock this look out at the club, or at night. The color may be too much for the daytime. As long as the lips stay in the same color range (anywhere from reds to fuchsia and dark purples/plums), with the smoky eye, and matching blush– the vamp look is here to stay for 2011.

Natural/Neutral Makeup

Natural makeup proves its staying power, as it is popular yet again. However, this season natural makeup has been amped up a bit by accentuating the eyes with neutral eyeshadow. The neutral eyeshadow used on the face this season gives the face more depth and gives eyes more shape. Shakuhachi Fall ‘11’s makeup was a perfect example of this– the face remained almost completely bare, with the exception of the eyes. However, the model’s skin tone was so similar to eyeshadow used, that it just gives the eyes more depth, and allows her eyes to pop out more. The  fresh-faced look that celebrities are going for allows for a clean, flawless face, and simple makeup. Many makeup artists are attempting to style their clients with this clean look, as evidenced by Jennifer Lawrence’s ELLE spread. In order to pull this makeup look off, the right foundation, as well as plenty of concealer will be needed to rid the skin of any imperfections and blemishes. The whole point is so that the skin looks bare, and like you aren’t wearing very much makeup at all.

Written by Christa Lei for Beauty Punk

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