Meet Wonder Girl Chelsea Tavis

Here at Johnny Concert we feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with a whole bunch of like-minded creative individuals. Recently we were able to catch up with Chelsea Tavis who at just 22 years old is already building up her own Tragic Glamour empire. Her empire consist of a clothing and accessory line called C.TA Glam Couture, Graphic Design and Website company, Photography and Makeup Services, and she is even the magazine editor and creator of  GlamRock Magazine! We just had to interview ‘It girl’ Chelsea because we feel she is a true embodiment of Johnny Concert representing empowerment, ambition, determination, Glamour, Rock & Roll and everything the alternative scene has to offer. Lauren Bucci had the opportunity to sit down and find out what is brewing up in Chelsea’s endless inspiring world for our Beauty Punk Blog.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be and why?
CT: Driven, artistic and entrepreneur 🙂

BP: Which of your projects do you enjoy the most?
CT: I love them all for different reasons but my main passion is my clothing brand C.TA Glam Couture. However I love doing all of them because it gives me a chance to be artistic in all different avenues and never get sick of anything in particular.

BP: All of your work is highly creative, where do you draw your biggest inspiration?
CT: It depends. I often get my inspiration for my clothing from movies. I create themes, such as the theme for my Fall line, which is “The Lost Boys”, based on the movie and a mixture of 80’s/early 90’s punk/biker fashion! When it comes to my graphics and the magazine, I usually go off of the clients ideas or features images and add my own style to it.

BP: You clearly paved your own path, what was the most important thing you learned a long the way?
CT: Thank you for recognizing that! Most people don’t see all that I do or they think I have a team of people helping me, when in reality I do it all by myself. I work many hours every day of the week to produce each project and I love every minute of it. Even the all nighters and overwhelming stress days. The most important thing I’ve learned thus far is something I still work on everyday, going out on a limb and getting what you want. Reaching out to models or celebs or photographers who you never thought you could work with and simply networking with them and asking them to work together! Sure, some will say no, but you’d be surprised how many will say yes! Taking that risk and extending yourself often pays off and is a risk worth taking. Even if you’re rejected or something negative happens, it always learning experience. Stay positive!

BP: Looking back is there anything you would have done differently?
CT: I think the only thing I would’ve done differently is I would have taken the initiative to learn things earlier so I could’ve been more comfortable extending my work sooner. Up until now I haven’t spent much time on promotion or reaching out because I wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on my vision and learned enough to do this work properly. Now, and for the next couple years, I’ll be taking things to a whole new level.

BP: What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to juggling all of your projects?
CT: Time management. Sometimes I have to extend deadlines and work all nighters to get things out on time because project deadlines collide and I have to make sure I get my graphic design clients work done first before my own. One time I ended up having to make a 150+ page website in 2 weeks, which is crazy, but conflict of communication between employees of the company caused confusion and in turn I had to postpone the launch of one of my line, but in the end it all worked out fine. I feel like my sense of sanity is sometimes worth more than getting everything out on time. People prefer you take time to do things right than rush things. I don’t want to put out anything I’m not proud of.

BP: Where would you like to see yourself and Tragic Glamour in the next 5 years?
CT: I’d like to be producing my fashion line more efficiently, showing at LA fashion week and being worn by some of my favorite models and celebs on a regular basis. Possibly, if the economy improves by then, I’d also like to open up my first boutique! For my graphic design, I’d like to work with select clients doing websites/logos and maintenance for extra cash, and I’d like to hook Glam Rock up with a publishing company to produce the magazine across the nation in stores, but while still offering it online for the world to see and promoting up and coming talent as opposed to mainstream media now.

BP: You also do some work in cosmetology, what is your makeup mantra?
CT: I took makeup classes when I was 15 and learned some great techniques as well as sfx stuff! I started out with fashion by doing makeup for photographers across the Bay Area of CA. I don’t have a particular brand that I choose because I know there are great select products with many different brands, however I am leaning more now towards organic cruelty free makeup. I tend to notice in a l lot of makeup now a very chemical like smell and that CANT be good for your face. I’m always on the lookout for foundation that actually covers but aren’t full of chemicals. I’ve personally tried bare minerals and it caked up and covered nothing on my face, and I have great skin, but I’ll give anything a try once! I love experimenting with makeup and using it as both an art form and a tool to enhance beauty! I do tend to admire makeup artists that use it as an art form more than a beauty enhancer, though. Anyone can make someone look better with makeup but by creating an artistic vision using makeup that looks good, that’s a challenge.

BP: Any tips for people who are trying to experiment with bolder makeup looks?
CT: Figure out what colors look best with your eyes/skin and hair. And don’t take someone’s word for it, actually try it out yourself! Even if you have to slather the rainbow on your cheeks to figure it out. Pastel makeup, or any crazy makeup combo always looks better with black liner and mascara. Don’t wear all blue on your lids unless it’s for Halloween or you want to look like a cheap hooker. Pair most looks with pale pink lips to keep it classy. Using crazy or dark lips with crazy eye makeup just looks CRAZY. And eyelashes with feathers or crazy colors in them ALWAYS look cheap and amateur. I don’t care who you are. xo

BP: What you’ve done is an inspiration to a lot of people, what advice would you give to someone trying to follow an unconventional dream?
CT: Thank you for saying that! I’ve only recently gotten messages from people saying that my work inspired them and it really means a lot! I’ve found that the key to success is failing and never giving up. Soak up as much knowledge about your passion as you can so you can do it right and work towards it every day. Even if you have to work a 9-5, work on it when you get home for a few hours. Start small; you wont get big over night!  I can’t stress how important knowledge is to creating your own business! Seriously, you need to know everything, if you don’t it could really hurt you at some point. Take classes, ask/interview professionals, talk to an accountant or read books! Make small goals and accomplish them, it builds your confidence. Stay positive and build a small, strong support system around you. I know that having supportive friends and a supportive mother has helped me immensely through the tough times, and it means the world to me that my friends are there for me and understand my hectic schedule.

BP: Where can people find out more about you and follow your updates?
CT: You can check out my portfolio at
My clothing brand at
My magazine at
As well as follow all the updates on twitter: @tragicglamour @ctaglamcouture @glamrockwebzine
And updates from the Facebook pages! xo
Facebook: C.TA Glam Couture Clothing, Glam Rock Magazine, Tragic Glamour, Tragic Glamour Designs

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