Welcome to the Dark Side with Topher Adam

Deep in an undiscovered world of mystery and darkness is one of the most outlandish minds just waiting to erupt.  Luckily, I got the chance to chat with this amusingly unique individual and interview Topher Adam who is the creative director behind Dark Beauty Magazine. Join us as we jump onboard his diverted journey of following his dreams as he continues to build his very own empire.

BP: Where do you draw your biggest inspiration from?
TA: I find that when I think about an idea or a concept I draw from real life and history. What affects us and what has inspired us to be who we are today in society. I love the darker side of history and love bringing out historic events in a modern way.

BP: What makes Dark Beauty Magazine stand out amongst other alternative magazines?
TA: I believe the difference for DBM is that we promote YOU, the artist, the people not the businesses or corporate AM. What is the backbone of creativity, it’s the artist who develop out of their passion for creating. So, we love to push artist and photographers and designers who would normally be turned away from regular publications. We also don’t toss down ads in your face. It’s all about the art.

BP: Aside from the edginess of your magazine what made you decide to explore the darker realm of beauty?

TA: Well, I am an avant-garde artist and I love dark mysterious images. I find myself to be a modern Rembrandt with my work and I felt that there has to be a darker point of view in this world. I was rejected as I auditioned for Project Runway and made semi-finals, went to LA for the interview and they ripped me a new one, proclaiming under baited breath that my work looks like it comes from space. I have never thought that but when you are dealing with uptight bitches who are only out for good TV, well they made a mistake is all I can say. I would have made that show! HAHA

BP: How do you decide what makeup looks fit the mood of your work?
TA: Its easy, if I can make someone look dead, drained of blood and magically pale in old Nior films then I have done my job. Well that is with my looks at least. I love color but only if it suggest some paint or tragic moment in time.

BP: What is your makeup mantra?
TA: Glamorously disturbed and deadly beautiful is a perfect blend of Dark Magic in the making of wicked art! LOL, just made it up but it sums up my wicked mind >:-)

BP: In addition to having your own magazine you also have your own clothing/accessory line, what makes Skull N Crossbows X unique?

TA: My clothing line is all about pushing buttons, I love the Victorian and Edwardian era of fashion. It was so extreme and so beautiful and the skills of draping and design were really lovely. I want to bring it back in a modern and twisted way. I also have a t-shirt line where my signature is a skull and raven. The Skull ‘n Crossbows is all about death and beauty, past and modern. See what I mean??? We should do a makeup listens line called Skull ‘n Crossbows. I would totally help with that. Things like DECAY, BLACK WIDOW, DRIED BLOOD, MILDEW, VOMIT and well I can go on! Trust me, that is an idea now I have to do it.

BP: What other areas of your creative mind are you going to explore as you grow your empire?

TA: Every day is a new day for more ideas to come out of my unlimited door of creativity. I am always developing, coming up with, designing, building, making. I have my own music albums, done soundtracks for haunted houses, designed haunted houses, houses, decorated, photos, makeup, hair, photos, edited, videography, short films t-shirts . . . . hummmmmmm I don’t know, guess it will come to me sooner or later. I have a few BIG projects I am developing in the mind of Topher but they are TOP SECRET and hope they manifest as they are my dream businesses.

BP: Is there anything you would have done differently or changed along your career path?

TA: Of course, maybe had a better idea of what I wanted to do as an artist when I was younger, stayed in theater, music and watched more theater and Broadway. Followed my inner most dreams instead of my families. Even though I went to college and got my degree I think now that I have done it and have accomplished so much, I have to say. If I didn’t do every single mistake in my life by trial and error I would not be where I am now. Now isn’t where I ultimately want to end up and I know if I did things differently I could be the success I always knew I should be. My favorite line from my hero, J K Rowling is, “I am only a success from all my own failures.” That is so profound and so amazing to me.  We are all a HERO in some way or another even though we don’t’ always see it. I have always felt I was born to become someone who leaves a mark in history. I am still fighting to get there and I am determined to until the day I die. I wasn’t handed life on a silver platter, I was handed life on a plastic covered silver plate and what I have done to get where I am has been painfully brilliant and so powerful. I wish people knew that I work hard and really believe in me and my talents and wonder where my “BREAK” is. I will get there, in many people’s eyes I am there, but I have never wanted to settle I have wanted to accomplish great things and do for the world.

BP: When did you realize you had a niche for building up your own brand?

TA: I think when I got fed up with “HOPING” and finally felt the NEED to do it myself. It’s that feeling I described earlier. “I felt like I had something to give” I also believe if you feel it, its meant to become something. I do so much for so many people, I have done like that all my life and this was just another addition to that ever-growing skill set that I just KNEW I could do. It all sparked from a children’s book I am still developing. Her name is Pepper and she can’t live with or without her pet Bisou. I started illustrating her clothes and thought they were pretty wicked cool and felt like someone would wear that. LOL

BP: Which of all your projects are your favorite to work on?
TA: What a brilliant question and OMFG, WTF! I don’t know how to answer that, LOL . . . . because to me, everything that I have created in my life has been so fun and filling. I guess if I could separate them by something would be how it impacted the public in some way or another. That in itself is even vague. LOL Sorry! I can’ t be honest with this one.

BP: What has been your greatest challenge along the way?
TA: Patience, I want my foretold success to happen instantly and we all know, that shit don’t happen YO! LOL I have always said, “The Future is the only fortune teller of our fate.” So, my challenge is letting it happen instead of searching for it. But in the same note, that is what drives me too.

BP: What advice do you give to those who are inspired by your work?
TA: NEVER think any idea is a bad one. Do everything you can to stay in your creative space. Life is way too short to give up because someone gave you a bad review or told you it was wrong. FUCK THEM BITCHES, this is your life, yours alone. It can’t be lived, expressed, or motivated by anyone or anything but yourself. You are the only navigator of your “CAR” *(body). So, if you get a creative idea that says it could benefit or grow you to the next level of your expression called life, then do it, but do it knowing that there is goodness for you and for others by your actions. So metaphysical hu! I am pagan through and through. what you give is what you get out of life.

BP: Where can we learn more about you and follow your updates?
TA: Well, I am working on getting ALL of my wo
rk in one space, I will have the same website; www.topheradam.com but for now, it’s all over the place. Google Topher Adam and I will appear. KINDA SPOOKY but an honor at best too. Sooner or later I will get on all them other sites as i continue doing what I do best. CREATE!

Thank you for asking me to spend some time talking about me. HEHE, we forget that at some point history has to be made and what we all do needs to be recognized and noticed. I hope that whomever reads this gets that there is a world of doors called Opportunity that are waiting to be opened and I say, FUCK IT, I am opening every one of them until I find the one that takes me to the top. MWAH!!!!!





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