Step Inside the Brilliant World of the Dark Unicorns

Unicorns have always been a mystical creature symbolizing magic, grace and beauty. But what do Dark unicorns represent? Could it be their elegant twist of mystery meets mayhem. Gabriel Grimm and Katayna Star are the master creators behind the sinfully beautiful art of Dark Unicorn photography which is why we also chose them to do the feature for the Johnny Concert launch of our new website.  Join us as we take a deeper look into their enchanted world…

BP: What makes Dark Unicorn stand out amongst other traditional photography?
DU: Dark Unicorn focuses on fantasy themed shoots, as opposed to just fashion, glamour, or regular portrait styled photos. Gabriel is a master of photoshop and graphic design, and Katayna does the styling for our shoots. We have a darker style than most.

BP: Where do you draw your biggest inspiration from when working on a set?
DU: We love things that are Gothic, Victorian, and Boudoir, and things that can be found in a world of magic and mythology. We get ideas from movies, videos, and fashion designs from our clothing label Pierced Heart. Gabriel and I are enchanted and obsessed with our own dark dreams. 

BP: Aside from the edginess of your photography what made you decide to explore the darker side of beauty?
DU: We have both always been inspired by things that are dark, even before we had met in October of 2009. When we came together, we realized how many of the same things we had in common. We are both big fans of movies such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Anne Rice books, and artists like H.R Giger. We find beauty in dark romantic love stories. We feel there is more depth in the dark emotions that can be used to express a tragic kind of beauty. Sex, lust, sin, passion and pain are beautiful when captured and expressed through the eyes of a lenz.  

BP: How do you decide what makeup looks fit the mood of your work?
DU: Each photo shoot is different, so we usually will start with what fits the concept of our shoot.  We are both visionaries when it comes to planning and executing the theme of our projects effectively.

BP: What is your makeup mantra?
We always shoot for amazing quality to suit our pictures. We are also open minded about collaboration with makeup artists.

BP: Aside from photography you also have a custom couture line Pierced Hearts, How did you get into fashion?
DU: Pierced Heart started as joint project since both of us love fashion, we have a similar style. With our combined vision, we have included both male and female aspects in our line.

BP: Working as a couple and building your own fashion/photography empire what is the biggest challenge working together?
DU: We always need each others help, but being limited with time provides stress for both of us when we start to run out of it. biding our time to get things done. I am a Pisces, and am the dreamer and sometimes can also be the procrastinator between the two of us. Gabriel’s Capricorn qualities help us to stay organized and stay on track, but can also cause some differences in opinion to our approach to projects and time management. We need an assistant!    

BP: When did you realize you had a niche for building up your own brands?
DU: We both had previous plans of building our own brands before we had met. We finally got the guts to start together as a couple. We encouraged each other and shared the same goals as artists. We started a new path together, that still followed our own hearts and dreams before we met.

BP: Is there anything you would have done differently or changed along your career path?
DU: Not really, things have just fallen into place! We are happy with our work together, and the progression and evolution of the quality of our work. We only wish we could do more… we have so many ideas that we haven’t even had the time to complete yet. We need a team Of Dark Unicorn and Pierced Heart devotees to work for us in the future!

BP: Which of all your projects are your favorite to work on?
DU: I think we would have to say creating our own photo shoots together and working as a team. We love talking about concept ideas and designing sets for our shoots. We build our own fantasy kingdom and place the models into it. We are as excited as little kids when we come up with an idea and put it together to enjoy the final result from seeing our visions turn into reality.

BP: Is there anyone in particular you would love to do a shoot with?
DU: Any models with passion in their hearts that know how to express it well with attitude make our job easier! 

BP: What advice do you give to those who are inspired by your work?
DU: Be inspired by the work of others, but always make it your own. Be unique and express what you know, by starting with your own ideas.  Use the pain, trauma, triumphs, and powerful experiences in your life to fuel what you show through your art. Turn something dark and emotional to express something that is beautiful. Art does not need to always be happy and perfect. Let your subconscious speak through your art.. show us your dreams, and nightmares combined. Follow your heart!

BP: Where can we learn more about you and follow your updates?

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