Last month Johnny Concert teamed up with PETA 2 in efforts to bring awareness to the ugly side of the beauty industry which in addition to not using cancer causing ingredients, animal testing is also a big NO-NO on our list of things never to do.

In our efforts, we chose a PETA2 fan to name the next Vegan color in our line and how this luxurious cobalt blue relates to cruelty-free. Our featured PETA2 winner Madison Moore, a first year high school art teacher gets an A+ not only for picking our new kick-ass name “Free Bird” (available June 18th) but also for her warm heart and strong efforts supporting animal rights.

Madison chose the name “Free Bird Blue”, she says when she saw the blue color she automatically thought of a bird. “Free bird” came to mind because she thought of animal rights and how every animal deserves to be free. Madison also took into consideration the style that Johnny Concert Glamour has, and thought…hey…Free Bird is a song! The name “Free Bird Blue” is perfect for this color of eyeshadow because it depicts the morals and standards of Johnny Concert Glamour, PETA and even adds a little humor by using the name of a witty song title.

Madison also only purchases and supports products that are cruelty-free,  “It’s 2012; there is no reason why we should be testing products on animals! I wish people would take the time to read the label on something before they buy it so that we can continue to push animal testing out for good. As far as beauty tips go…I can’t go without mascara, an eyelash curler, or lip balm! Also, the best thing to do to stay beautiful is to eat healthy, and take care of your skin, moisturize daily, and wear sun-screen whenever you go out in the sun.”

Madison takes great pride in being a Vegetarian for the past 6 years, she even has vanity car plates expressing her strong beliefs. Her reason for becoming a Vegetarian is because she does not believe in factory farming.

“I feel that animals are mistreated, abused and taken advantage of in these situations. I believe that we as a society consume far more meat than we should. It is not healthy to eat as much as the media portrays that we should. Animals were not put on this earth just for us to eat, or test products on.” Her favorite quote about animal rights is from Mahatma Gandhi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

Madison would also like to mention the importance of adopting animals. “When I moved to Mississippi several years ago, my mom and I noticed an abundance of homeless dogs and cats in our area. We took in a few to foster until we could find them new homes. It’s heartbreaking to see an animal hungry, and sick because it was left out in the woods to fend for itself, or to be picked up by the pound. I wish that people would go to their local ASPCA to pick out a new furry friend instead of going to a pet store or breeder. I am the proud owner of two rescue dogs, and one rescue kitty. In the picture of me and the two dogs, you will see Dobi Juan Kenobi (the blue and red dog) is 6 months old, he is a pitbull and doberman mix. He was adopted from a farm that had a litter of puppies that were unwanted…and Olive (the black, white, and tan dog) is 4 yrs old, she is a dachshund and feist mix…her parents were rescued off the side of the road, found digging in trash for food 😦 After a few weeks of fostering the parents, we realized the mom was pregnant…so that’s where Olive came from! I also have a cat named Charlotte, and I have had her FOREVER, she is 14 now, she was a free kitten that I picked out from my best friend in 5th grade.”

We couldn’t be happier with our winner Madison for her amazing efforts to help animals and truly understand how a cruelty-free world should be. Rock on Madison we love you!


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